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Educational sessions are led by the industry experts, academic researchers, and growers who have dived deep into the world of automation and technology.

Educational Topics
Sessions will focus on core growing aspects that have the greatest impact on the quality of the product and your profit margin.

Lighting -- Lighting is critical to plant growth and quality, but new technology has advanced beyond what most greenhouses are currently using. Discover new solutions to old challenges, and give your plants the best light they need to thrive.

  • Precision lighting; Considerations and ROI of New Lighting Systems
  • Drs. Lopez and Runkle from MSU
  • Get the details on lighting sessions here

Irrigation/Water Management -- With consciousness of water usage growing stronger every year, new solutions have evolved to create efficiency, purity, and ingenious methods to squeeze every last drop of potential from your irrigation systems.

  • Booms, Purification systems
  • Get the details on irrigation and water management sessions here

Environmental Controls and Software -- Let technology do some of the heavy lifting and take the guess-work out of greenhouse growing. Not only do environmental controls and software give you more data to make better decisions with, but they also allow you peace of mind that you’re working smarter, not harder.

  • Apps; precision application; software driven supply chain efficiencies; software for large and small facilities
  • Get the details on environmental controls and software sessions here

Production Management -- No matter the size, growing a plant is process, and like all processes, there are always efficiencies to be found. Analyze every step of the plant production process to discover ways of increasing efficiency, reducing labor cost, and leveraging your inputs for maximum quality.

  • Monitoring with Drones, RIFD, Reducing labor through automation, LEAN flow and technology
  • Dr. Robbins at University of Arkansas, Dr. Fernandez at Michigan State University
  • Who Says I Need a License to Fly My Drone?; Now That I have a Drove, What Do I Do With It?: A Workshop
  • Dr. Mengmeng Gu, Texas A&M, Dr. Jim Robbins, University of Arkansas
  • Get the details on production management sessions here

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