AmericanHort Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame

Criteria for Consideration
Formerly known as the PIA Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame, the award was established to honor individuals of integrity whose personal dedication provided great leadership in the development and growth of the interiorscape industry. Individuals nominated must have contributed their leadership and organizational skills for a minimum of 15 years to the development and permanent betterment of the interiorscape industry. A person may be nominated regardless of state of residence or business location. 
  • Complimentary lifetime AmericanHort Individual Membership with all benefits provided at that level.
  • Recognition during Cultivate at one of the general sessions or the Interior Plantscape Awards Celebration with award/plaque of recognition.
  • Name on plaque displayed at AmericanHort headquarters in Columbus. 
·         Permanent listing on the website. 

·         Name badge ribbon provided to wear at AmericanHort events. 

Procedures for Nomination
  • Selection is made by a temporary Hall of Fame Award Committee, consisting of 5 members including the interior plantscape community coordinator and four former inductees. 
  • Nomination deadline is October 1.
  • Nominations will be accepted from any individual or association. 
  • Nominations must be submitted physically or electronically in writing. 
  • Nominations will stay active for three years.
  • The committee will meet by phone in the winter to come to a unanimous decision. 
  • The winner(s) will be announced by April 1. 

Entry Rules can be downloaded here.

Online Application

Year Author
1996 Allen Secrest
1996 Robert Russell
1997 Barbara Helfman
1997 Frank James
1998 Peter Herrera
1998 Jennifer Madruga
1998 Marvin Weitzenhoffer
1999 Joan Archibald
1999 Julius Roehrs
1999 Lorie Townsend
2000 Joe Cialone
2000 Everett Conklin, Sr
2000 Gerry Leider
2001 Linnaea Newman
2001 Richard 'Dick' Wilcox, Sr.
2001 Greg Eberly
2002 Jeff Morey
2002 Jean Youmans
2002 Karl Robert Korstad
2002 Steve McCurdy
2003 Richard K. Wilcox, Jr.
2003 Thomas Rochford III
2003 Teri Pesapane
2003 Joel Pesapane, CCLP, CCIH, CLM
2004 Dennis Gabrick
2004 Robert Herrick Carter
2004 McRae Anderson
2005 Steve Gainey
2005 Nancy B. Goldstein
2005 Gary Mangum
2006 Paul Ecke, Jr.
2006 Richard Gaines
2007 Alfred Emsig
2007 Carole Horowitz
2007 Don Horowitz
2008 Donald Wilson
2008 Walt Campbell
2008 Vicky Cate
2009 Tom Acklin
2009 Todd Bachman
2009 Richard Parker
2010 Bill Wolverton
2010 Dick Ott
2011 Dan Goldman
2011 Karin Horn
2011 Mike Senneff, CLP
2012 John Peterson, Ph.D.
2012 David Liu
2013 John Mendozza
2013 John Mini, CCLP