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The interior plantscape program was compiled by our Interior Plantscape Community. For questions on sessions, tours, etc. Meagan would be happy to answer your questions or help select sessions that fit your business needs.

Meagan Nance
Project Specialist 

Welcome Interior Plantscapers.

Bringing plants inside has been done throughout the ages, but interior plantscapers are constantly faced with different clients in different spaces with different needs. Perhaps if Corporate America had a few more office plants, they'd be a little happier and more productive? Our thoughts exactly. Resources for plantscapers include everything from technical training and advice to how to sell amazing projects with undeniable benefits.

Be sure to join us for the Interior Plantscape Celebration Dinner

The International Plantscape Awards do more than give you a reason to smile — they help build your business, impress current and potential clients, and keep you feeling engaged and excited about your job. Join your peers at the Celebration Dinner at Cultivate'17 where awards are presented. This is an evening of excellent company, outstanding work, fresh inspiration, and long-lasting memories. Register to attend when you register for Cultivate’17 at Cultivate17.org/Reg .

100+ Sessions - Relevant, Important, and Trending

Sessions are still being finalized, but in the meantime, familiarize yourself with the key topics below. NEW THIS YEAR: we'll tag finalized sessions so that you know what fits best with your experience — fundamental, intermediate, and progressive.

Right plant, right place can do wonders for a space. But sometimes there's a "right"er plant out there. Topics include:

  • New impactful varieties
  • Profitable color rotations
  • Pricing structures and strategies

Plants are like people in more ways than one. One of the unfortuante similarities is that they're prone to sickness and disease, too. Become a better plant doctor with topics that include:

  • The latest strategies to manage common interior pests
  • Controlling insects when biocontrol's not an option

The cash flow of an interior plantscape business can take years to master, and there are always curveballs. Drill down into basic financial strategies that will help you make smarter decisions that lead to a better bottom line. Topics include:

  • Breaking into new markets
  • Creating strategies for better customer service
  • Setting long-term maintenance plans for profit

Explore current trends and how to leverage them to bring relevancy and profits to your business. Topics include:

  • Succulent installations and their long-term care
  • Working with moss
  • Exterior living wall advantages
  • Holiday inspirations


The Green Plants for Green Buildings program provides the credentials (CEUs), training, and authority to get in front of architects, landscape architects, designers, building owners/managers, and LEED applicants to educate them about the health and productivity benefits of plants in our built environments. Green Plants for Green Buildings will be offering two one hour sessions on Monday, July 17th and the final session for certification on Tuesday, July 18th:

Green Plants for Green Buildings Presents "Your Customer's Brain on Nature" 
This series is strategized to help you become a registered trainer -- simply attend either Part 1 or Part 2 in addition to Part 3

  • Your Customer's Brain on Nature - A Biophilic Design Workshop | Monday, 1-3:30 p.m.
    Speakers: Justin Bogardus, NatureRX; Joe Zazzera, Plant Solutions, Inc.; Sonja Bochart, IIDA, Sheply Bulfinch
    Join Justin Bogardus, NatureRx, Joe Zazzera, Plant Solutions and Sonja Bochart, IIDA, a designer who specializes in biophilic design, in a series of presentations and workshops designed to increase your perception of important design patterns and your ability to communicate their value. Receptivity to the message that nature enhances our wellbeing and productivity has never been higher. Using a biophilic lens, learn how to recognize a buyer's persona and develop a business plan that adds biophilic design to your company's portfolio of services. These hands-on workshops will challenge your creativity and enhance your design skills.
  • Does Nature Have a PR Problem? | Monday, 3:30-4 p.m.
    Speaker: Justin Bogardus
    Join Justin Bogardus who leads the creative team behind the award winning video NatureRx, a spoof on big pharma and modern lifestyles, as he closes out GPGB's workshop with thought provoking insights into the healing and humorous aspects of nature in the built environment. Justin asks the question "Does nature have a PR problem?" Then get ready to become part of the solution at GPGB's cocktail party, 5:30 - 7 p.m., when GPGB launches Project #BringNatureIndoors.

  • GPGB Registered Trainer Seminar - The Economics of Biophilic Design | Tuesday, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. | Separate registration required
    Plant benefits include increased worker productivity, hospital healing rates, tenant and employee retention, sales volume, and many more. Share the statistics behind this good news and establish your company as the thought leader in creating healthy and profitable building spaces. Becoming a GPGB Registered Trainer gives you the authority to present architects, designers and building managers with 1 hour of CEU credit after attending your presentation. Registration includes PowerPoints, Speaker’s Scripts, White Papers, all the forms you need for your CEU presentations, plus GPGB support services.

Sessions and topics that relate to how we do business as individuals and within the supply chain. Topics include:

  • Human resources: finding labor; hiring, firing, and retaining; new regulations and changes
  • Creating good culture: navigating the family business; making employees want to stay; succession planning
  • State of the industry: updates, supply chain challenges, and women in horticulture